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Bank Of Seeds is a seed bank based in California USA

We ship all products worldwide. We work hard to find the best genetics so you don’t have to.

All orders are 100% anonymous and sent discretely.

Payments we accepted by crypto currency.

1. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. All countries and continents including but not limited to.

South America
New Zealand

2. What payment methods do you accept?


3. What if I’ve never used bitcoin/ crypto before?

Watch this video its easy:

A. Step one buy bitcoin using debit/credit or bank account via an exchange such as coinbase/binance or cash app. (If buying with a bank account it may take a few days to process).
B. Step two you can either transfer to a bitcoin wallet or you can pay directly from coinbase/cash app to Bank Of Seeds. We recommend Exodus wallet available on iPhone and android if you prefer a wallet.
C. Once you have your order ready and open hit send from your bitcoin application simply scan the QR code on the checkout page of BOS and press send and you are done.

4. Where can I buy bitcoin / crypto?

Here: and and
How to send money via cash app

5. How much is shipping?

$5 USD for US orders.
$20 USD for International orders. 

6. Is my delivery guaranteed?


7. How soon is my order shipped ?

Within 72 hours.

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